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UPDATED: July 2, 2020

Mapping the impact of dockless vehicles

Feel like you're caught in a frenzy of dockless bike and scooter-share news? Us too. In this weekly round-up post, Smart Cities Dive will update our interactive map to reflect the cities that are welcoming (or opposing) the growing shared mobility phenomenon, and will highlight the top dockless headlines from across the country.

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This week's map updates

Lime scooters return to Spokane, WA Bird, Helbiz, Spin and Veoride hit the streets of Atlanta Revel adds 200 more scooters to its DC fleet Spin scooters return to Providence, RI and Sacramento, CA

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Off the Map

Populus, university researchers to study e-scooter safety

The Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research Program (BTSCRP) has funded a $490,000 study to examine e-scooter safety issues and help create concrete guidance for e-scooter management. The study is expected to produce a report that can identify the state of usage and safety trends among e-scooter users; identify risk factors to safety; and describe how cities are regulating the vehicles to prevent injuries. 

The initiative is a partnership between Populus, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Highway Safety Research Center, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK), Safe Streets Research & Consulting (SSRC) and Equitable Cities.

Austin, TX pilots e-scooter parking and charging stations

Austin’s Department of Transportation and Swiftmile have partnered for a six-month pilot of Swiftmile’s e-scooter parking and charging stations. Ten stations will be placed in the city’s high-traffic areas, and will be used to manage sidewalk clutter, boost accessibility and improve access to completely charged scooters. The stations will also undergo continuous cleaning and sanitization. 

San Francisco home to new mobility hub

Ford-owned Spin and mobility company Tranzito announced the launch of the "Caltrain SF Mobility Hub," a hub that will include 16 charging and parking stations for e-scooters. The mobility hub will be located "steps away" from one of San Francisco’s busiest Caltrain stations.

The hub is an updated version of the existing Caltrain SF Bike Station, which has been in operation since 2013. The addition of e-scooters is intended to help connect public transit riders to complementary micromobility options, ideally encouraging more public transit in light of a ridership decline during the pandemic. 

UK to offer e-scooters starting July 4

Britain’s e-scooter trial starts this weekend, though privately owned e-scooters will remain illegal for use on public roads.

The trials are scheduled to run for 12 months, with local leaders aiming to understand the vehicles’ impact on motor traffic and overall safety for users and others. The e-scooters will be prohibited from sidewalks and limited to 15 mph. Helmet-use is recommended, not required. 

New Jersey could be in store for an e-scooter encore

The coronavirus put an end to New Jersey’s e-scooter offerings in March when the vehicles were pulled from Asbury Park. But the e-scooters could be headed back to city streets by the fall so long as they aren’t deemed a threat to public health, reports.

The city’s transportation director said he aims to put out a request for proposals this fall from operators. And even Mayor John Moor, who was opposed to the program pre-coronavirus, said he would now support the initiative if the program shared revenue with the city.